Residue is a video installation that deals with the topic of borders, separation barriers, and in-between spaces. The main component is a video projection of people climbing and descending a chain link fence wall. As the number of people that traverse it accumulates, so does the clothing that occasionally gets left behind in the struggle. These pieces of colorful fabric get synced up with the acrylic paintings underneath the projection to create a hybrid image of paint and light. At the end, a spotlight is cued to reveal the painting underneath representing the garments frozen in time. In the entrace of the gallery, the viewer is greeted by two life sized projected figures trapped in a frame of the same metallic material. The clinking sounds of their attempts to get out fill the gallery space.

Site: Connecticut College, White Box Gallery. New London, CT.

Materials: Acrylic Paint with superimposed video, chain link fence, scrim fabric.