• Self-Portrait as an Electrician (2016)
  • Woodcut
    24" x 36"
  • The Second Fall (2016)
    36" x 48"
  • The First Fall (2016)
    36" x 48"
  • The Third Fall (2016)
    36" x 48"

Stations is a body of work that walks through several significant events coming from the catholic narration of the Stations of the Cross, particularly each of the three falls, the wiping of the face, and the crucifixion. The cross is replaced with objects that resemble it to symbolize the working and emotional roles of my immigrant parents and how that has influenced me.

Process documentation of making each of the Falls.

The woodcut series had a work process that was performative. The work was a deep reflection on my relationship with my father and his presence as an electrician. Throughout the making of each panel, I would wear one of his construction vests and helmet and reflect on the mental picture of me in it in the context and making of each piece.

Dry Out (2016)
Clay, fabric, wood

Connecticut College, White Box Gallery. New London, CT.

Dry Out is part of Stations , representing the event where Veronica wipes the face of Jesus with a cloth. In this installation, the cloth is covered in clay and hanged to dry with the portraits of first-generation classmates. The cross object functions as a T-post clothesline pole.